Providing exceptional technical support to the forensic DNA community


We are composed of forensic scientists that have nearly 40 years of combined forensic DNA experience.  We are qualified Forensic Biology Screening and DNA analysts,  FBI qualified DNA auditors, and AZ Post certified law enforcement instructors.  In addition, both of us are competent and proficient in both autosomal and Y STRs, as well as complex DNA mixture interpretation and statistics utilizing approved guidelines and procedures.

We have extensive experience reviewing DNA casework from most of the private forensic DNA laboratories including Bode Technology, Orchid Cellmark, (the newly formed Bode Cellmark Forensics), Strand Analytical Laboratories, Fairfax Identity, Trinity DNA Solutions and Sorenson Forensics.  We also have experience reviewing DNA casework from several government laboratories.  Both of us are qualified NDIS laboratory participants and will meet the QAS contract employee requirements for DNA technical reviewers.  In addition, we carry liability insurance that meets the minimum contractor requirements for most government agencies.

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